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Colorful is my favorite color   (Walter Gropius)

Many everyday things in my life, especially jewelry cannot be colorful enough.
I have always been fascinated by color combinations, material mixes and going
against the style trends.
The mix of noble and simple, rough and delicate, colorful and plain makes each
piece unique and charming in its own way.

My inspiration to design jewelry is based on:

Glass beads from all over Europe
by selected glass manufactures,
handmade with passionate craftsmanship.
Fine sterling pieces from trustworthy individual suppliers.
Witty designs made of different types of materials such as wood and glass.
Beads covered with individual fabrics and modified into little treasures.

Wonderful places in Scandinavia
like the city of Skagen with its beautiful lights, or
the costal views near the sea in Denmark and Sweden combined with the northern
lifestyle inspire me to create exceptional pieces of jewelry.
They are the foundation for my unique jewelry collection.

My pieces are designed for all different types of women
with each piece based on its own original idea.

Every woman is one of a kind!

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